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Let’s get down to business. There are so many services, apps, sites, and search engines for travel. I’ve compiled my favorites so that you can use the ones that work best for you. I’ve included all of the big names you’ve probably heard of, but also some unique ones too.



The easiest way to get answers. Type in what you’re looking for and let Google do its magic. But the key is to view the Images tab! You’ll be able to see all types of pictures to pique your interest.


Just like Google, this will give you more information than you needed. You’ll be able to see pictures, read blog posts, get local tips and create a board to save everything.


When you want to look at a specific location, this is the way to do it. Not only will you get an insider’s view of the location but it’s also handy to get pose and outfit ideas!


Cheap flight deals:


All you do is create an account (there’s a free version and a premium) and set your home airport(s). Then you’ll receive emails with super cheap flight deals to all over the world! This is an awesome tool for families that can book spontaneously.


Another great flight deal site. Just plug in your home airport, where you’re flying to (or choose anywhere), and your email address. You’ll immediately start getting emails with awesome flight deals.


Secret Flying publishes flight deals, sales, and error fares daily. They’re for specific routes and specific dates so if you’re REALLY spontaneous, this one will save you a ton of money.

Search engines:


Google Flights is a search tool that will give you all kinds of information. The flexible calendar will give you the cheapest date choices for all airlines (and it checks nearby airports) or you can do the opposite and let the system tell YOU where to go. Under Explore you can set parameters (budget, dates, stops) and the system will give you prices of flights all over the map!


Another amazing search engine, KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to give you the lowest prices. Their flexible calendar tells you which days are the best to fly, you can set alerts for a specific flight, and you have a crazy amount of filters to search by (like even eco-friendly flights or type of plane) so you can get the exact flight you want. 


Kiwi includes all kinds of ways to get you to your destination- including planes, buses, and trains – plus it combines airlines who don’t normally partner. Kiwi will make sure you get there, any way it can!


An app perfect for anyone on a budget. It monitors ticket prices so once you have specific places to search, plug them into Hopper. You’ll be alerted when the price lowers or a deal comes up and if you should hold off or book right away.


Southwest is a low cost carrier that doesn’t show up on any of the search engines. Try them separately and look out for their crazy sales!

For on the plane:


You gotta check Seatguru out before you choose your seats. It’s filled with seat maps, insider tips, plane information, and on-flight guides on amenities offered.


Hotels and Private Rentals:


A search engine for hotels. It scans all the top travel sites to give you the lowest price.


If you want to see options for accommodations, Booking is where to start! The site includes over 28 million listings in 225 countries from a small bed and breakfast to a luxury resort, including rentals. You can subscribe to get sent secret deals too.


When you want to feel like you’re at home on vacation. Great for big groups, VRBO offers all kinds of rentals like beach houses, cabins, or condos in the best locations. A lot of them offer homey amenities too (like beach gear!)


Perfect for families that want to vacation like a local. You can rent the whole place or just one room for much less. They also have unique options like treehouses, castles, or even yurts.

Unique accommodations:


If you love to camp in luxury, Glamping Hub lets you explore through all types of unique outdoor accommodations from cabins and safari tents to teepees and glamping pods.


For the RV family, Rover Pass makes it easy to search and compare RV parks and campgrounds across the country. They also have a dedicated staff to help you book one.



The search engine for rental cars. It provides prices for multiple car rental agencies in your destination.


The ride sharing apps that are perfect if you don’t want or need to rent a car but will occasionally need a ride. It’s all through the app, you can see what you’ll pay up-front, and they both have options to request a driver with a car seat (additional rates apply.)


Both apps provide real-time transit data so you can see what options you have for the bus, train, bike routes and docking stations, and even walking paths.



A one-stop-shop for guided tours in your destination. You can add in your destination and view what the most popular things to do in that area are, or plug in your dates and see all the activities you can book. You can also use the filtering tool to just see things you would want to do.


Activities hosted by locals! For when you really want to get immersed in the city you’re in with other travelers. You can cook, meet animals, or go on all kinds of different types of adventures.


The world’s largest travel guidance platform, TripAdvisor gives you reviews on every single travel related topic. It’s the place to go to read reviews on places to stay, things to do, places to eat. You can even join travel forums to discuss specific topics with others.



You can rent all kinds of baby gear from a local. This is great for big items that you don’t want to lug around (like a pack-and-play, stroller, or high chair) but is also great for all the little things that you can’t bring (like toys, a bath tub, or bouncers).

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