The Ultimate Puerto Rico Itinerary for Your First Visit

Apr 9, 2023 | puerto rico



I had been wanting to visit Puerto Rico for YEARS. An island that doesn’t require a passport? Sign me up! I kept receiving flight deals and the cold weather plus a flight to San Juan for less than $300 was too tempting. So, I booked it!

I couldn’t get anyone to join me, so I decided to bite the bullet and go by myself. I try to mix my travels up with family, girlfriends, and mommy and me trips, but this year I wanted to add a solo trip to the list. 

I was a bit nervous about it (and after I booked it I still asked multiple friends if they wanted to come with me, but none could), but in the end I’m glad it happened like it did.

And to top it off—I can say with no doubt this was one of the best vacations of my life. The island is mesmerizing. There’s just so much to it—way more than I originally thought before I started planning. 

On this little island you’ll get beaches, a rainforest, a city, small islands, waterfalls, plus historical landmarks. Not to mention the delicious food, rich culture, and warm people. It truly deserves its name of La Isla del Encanto (the Island of Enchantment).

If you just started planning your trip to PR or just want to learn more about the island, read through my Puerto Rico itinerary to make sure you hit all the best spots. And even though I didn’t bring my kids this time, I still researched a lot of kids activities (for when I bring them on my next trip!) 

Whether you’re alone, with your family, or friends my Puerto Rico itinerary will give you all the information you need as a first timer to the island.



Want to learn how I can afford to travel so much? Read over my money savings tips for traveling!


The number of days you need on the island depends on how much you want to do. To really explore and experience all the great things the island has to offer, you will need a week minimum. 

But if you have limited time and want to just get a taste of the more popular attractions, you can enjoy a shorter visit of 4-5 days. Anything under 4 days just isn’t worth it in my opinion. There’s just too much to do.

Also, it’s an island so everyone is on “island time”… expect everything to take longer.


Day 1: Explore San Juan

Day 2: El Yunque + Luquillo Beach

Day 3: Beach hop in your area + Bioluminescent Bay

Day 4: Island excursion

Day 5: West Coast

Day 6: Adventure Park

Day 7: Relax at the resort

Extra: Day for kid’s activities

old san juan wall murals


Old San Juan


To do in San Juan

I spent a day exploring adorable, colorful Old San Juan and I was mesmerized. There was so beauty everywhere I looked—the Spanish architecture, the historical monuments, the endless amounts of bright colors, the history… it has such a unique, refreshing vibe.  It’s only seven square blocks so you can easily see everything in one afternoon.

You can explore yourself or take a walking or food tour. Check out this award winning walking tour here. 

I started off walking the streets to explore the area. There are adorable cafes and restaurants everywhere you look so you can easily find something to eat or drink. There are plazas every few blocks to take a break and soak it all in. There are plenty of little local shops to pop in and surprisingly, even a Marshalls (I mean, it IS still America).  

a puerto rico itinerary should include walking along the colorful buildings of old san juan

Tip: before you venture here, check cruise schedules! Cruise ships dock in Old San Juan and your peaceful day will become loud and crowded very fast once a ship docks.

I turned the corner and was shocked when I spotted El Morro (full name San Felipe del Morro)—a military fort built to protect the city from invaders and one of the UNESCO sites in the city (the other one is the other military fort, Castillo de San Cristobal). I’m usually not into the war type stuff, but it was breathtaking and so cool to see. You can take a tour of it too, $10 entry. 

On the grounds of El Morro, there are kite vendors too. It’s a perfect spot to fly a kite and very popular with families.

Another great kid spot is Parque Infantil del Niño, near the Marina. 

when in puerto rico you should visit el morro in old san juan

Dining in San Juan

The biggest challenge about getting food in Puerto Rico is choosing where to go. There is amazing food everywhere!

The places I got the most recommendations to go to, from locals and other tourists, were:

Pinky’s for breakfast

Caficultura for brunch

Deaverdura for lunch or dinner

La Casita Blanca for lunch for dinner

Senor Paleta for a treat

(Side note: I tried a paleta for the first time during my time here, and I ended up having one every day, I was obsessed! You have to try one! )

Distrito T-Mobil in San Juan

San Juan’s brand-new entertainment hub has anything you could want.

There are over 10 restaurants to choose from. An urban park that features ziplining, rock climbing, and arcades. Live music and events all around the plaza. 

There’s also a state-of-the-art concert facility, a movie theater, plus newly built hotels just steps away. Read all about it here.


El Yunque National Forest

If you see ONE thing in Puerto Rico, it must be El Yunque. It’s a lush rainforest with waterfalls, hiking trails, and unbelievable views. It will transport you to a completely different world.

And it’s the only tropical rainforest in the US! (Yes, even including Hawaii. El Yunque is the only one!) 

It goes on for 28,000 acres, so you will have to decide how you will want to attack it because it’s impossible to see it all in one day.

If you want to drive through it on your own, tickets to the park are required. Tickets are available 30 days before the entry date and are issued per vehicle. They go fast! Buy them here.   

To plan your day, check out El Yunque’s directory or stop by El Portal, the Visitor Center when you get there.

a puerto rico itinerary should include visiting el yunque rainforest

El Yunque Tours

This is what I would recommend if you’re in a group of adults. There are a variety of tours available with different options of what to do. You can choose a half day or full day tour. Some are hiking, some have activities like water slides and rope swings, some have repelling. Some have hotel pickup too!

I did a half day tour that was a mix of hiking and water slides and a rope swing. We met at a central location near the rainforest and road caravan style to a parking lot. We hiked through the rainforest and the tour guides stopped a few times to explain the surroundings. 

We stopped at a natural pool, climbed up rocks to slide down two waterfalls, jumped off a cliff, and jumped into the pool using a rope swing.  

I thought a half day was perfect, I was out a little after 12 and still got the rest of the day to explore. 

Extra plus was that the tour guide records you and sends the videos to you at the end of the tour, so you don’t even need to bring your phone!

Check out the tour I went on here or look through a list of available tours here.

while you're in puerto rico, visit el yunque rainforest, on your own or on a tour

El Yunque family friendly spots

Most of the tours do not allow small children (minimum age is 5 for most of the tours, and even that I think is pretty young), so the better idea would be to explore the family-friendly spots.

Start off with El Portal Visitor Center – (no park res necessary) it’s newly redone and has interactive exhibits and displays, two interpretive trails, plenty of beautiful views, plus endless amounts of information about the rainforest. If you get hungry there’s also a counter service restaurant. It would be a great idea to start here to get all the best tips!


Family friendly hikes

Yokahu Tower –A 69-foot tower that offers 360-degree views of the rainforest. It’s a short hike from the parking area. This is on 191 at Km. 8.8.

Juan Diego Creek – A short hike leads to a natural pool along Juan Diego Creek with a waterfall that you can swim in! It’s a small area though, so you can only park in the area for 30 minutes. This is on 191 at Km 9.6 

Caimitillo Trail – One of the easiest hikes in El Yunque, the trail is only half a mile, but visitors can still enjoy everything the rainforest has to offer. This is on 191 at Km 12.1.

Angelito Falls – Less than half a mile, this hike ends with a natural pool at Rio Mameyes. This trail shows a different type of vegetation than what’s offered on the other side of the rainforest. This is on road 988 at Km 3.6.



Wear water shoes or sneakers, most of the paths are MUDDY. You cannot avoid it. You need something with some grip, or you will slip. Wear light clothes because it will get hot—rash guards are perfect since you can swim in some spots, plus it’ll protect you from the sun and insects.  



After your adventure in the rainforest, head over to Luquillo or Monserrate Beach. It’s less than 20 minutes away from El Yunque is a great place to unwind. Both beaches (that are right next to each other) offer restrooms, showers, and lifeguards.

And if you’re hungry, enjoy a meal at the famous Luquillo food kiosks. There are a number of little food stands that line a section of the road right off the highway. You’ll have your choice of 60+ cuisines, and some of the best Puerto Rican food you’ll find!

Check out details and reviews here.


Beach Day

There are so many beaches in Puerto Rico, it’s hard to choose a favorite. But you should add a day either beach hopping or just lounging at one to your Puerto Rico itinerary.

You can stay at your resort and do this, or you can explore different beaches in the area you’re staying in. 

Here are some beaches to visit in different areas of the island, each with their own vibe and attractions.


Note: A beach labeled as a balneario means that it’s owned by the government and has things like public restrooms, lifeguards, parking lots, showers, etc.

San Juan beaches


(Check out my list of the best beaches in San Juan!)

El Escambron Beach—Balneario del Escambron (my favorite beach in this area!)

A popular beach and for great reasons. First of all, it’s gorgeous. It has beautiful, clear waters, the sand is soft, plus there are gorgeous views of mountains and a rocky island named Peñon de San Jorge.

The best part is that it’s in a protected cove, so the waves are calm and it’s a perfect spot for snorkeling, swimming for all ages, and even sunbathing. For more convenience, there are also restaurants and cafes nearby.

a puerto rico itinerary should include visiting el escambron beach

Carolina Public Beach—Balneario de Carolina (on the same stretch as Isla Verde Beach)

One of the busiest beaches in the area, it has soft sand and clear waters—it’s even been awarded the Blue Flag Aware for cleanliness and water quality. Besides the obvious swimming and sunbathing, there are watersports, volleyball nets, and plenty of food options. 

And there’s a BIG bonus for small kids—a small water park called Parque Acuatico Infantil Aquasol. It has slides, water triggers, and a pirate ship with water cannons. It’s right off the sand too!

when in puerto rico, you should visit carolina public beach

East Coast beaches

Monserrate Beach—Balneario La Monserrate (my favorite beach in this area)

Located in Luquillo, Monserrate is perfect for everyone. It has an amazing calming vibe with swaying palm trees welcoming you as soon as you step in. It’s huge, so you’ll have plenty of room and the backdrop of lush green mountains is amazing. 

You can have a relaxing day in the water or enjoy some snorkeling, because it’s protected by a coral reef so the waves are calm (also great for small kids!) The added bonus for this beach is it’s within walking distance of the famous Luquillo Kiosks. There are numerous kiosks that offer local food and souvenirs.

a puerto rico itinerary should include visiting monserrate beach

Seven Seas Beach—Balneario Seven Seas

In Fajardo, Seven Seas is a smaller, crescent-shaped beach. Another Blue Flag beach, it has light tan sand and calm, crystal clear water perfect for lounging in the water. There’s a coral reef near the beach to break up the waves so this is also a perfect place to go snorkeling.

And to top if all of, there are amazing views of lush mountains and a beautiful lighthouse.

West Coast beaches

Crash Boat Beach (The locals favorite beach)

In Aguadilla, it’s the most popular beach in the area, and probably one of the most popular beaches on the island. Locals rave about it because there is something for every type of person. You can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive in the clear turquoise waters. 

There’s also a fun vibe here. There’s music, food kiosks, and even a long pier that you can jump off of into the water.


Buye Beach

In Cabo Rojo, this immaculate and secluded beach has the most beautiful shades of blue water, the calmest waves, and a family-friendly beach culture. It’s a hidden gem loved by locals and more of a secret compared to the other beaches on the island.


Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico

A bioluminescent bay is a body of water where microscopic organisms (dinoflagellates) grow in large enough quantities to produce a bioluminescence or glow-in-the-dark effect. When the water is touched, these organisms shine in a bright neon blue color making it look like the water is being lit up!

There are only five of these natural wonders in the whole world—and THREE of them are in Puerto Rico. So, this should obviously be on your Puerto Rico itinerary. 

This is a must-see activity when on the island BUT the experience quality depends on the moon. The darker the sky, the better.

Check the moon calendar when you’re booking your trip and, if your dates are flexible, try to come when there is the LEAST amount of moonlight.

Check out the moon phases calendar here. 

Mosquito Bay on Vieques

This one is the brightest of the three— it even has the award for brightest bioluminescent bay in the world by Guinness World Records. This bay is only accessed by kayak, but some have glass bottoms.

Like I mentioned above, you’ll have to stay overnight in Vieques to see this one. 

Check out a highly rated tour here or check out different options of tours here.


La Parguera in Lajas

All the way in the southwest corner of the island, this bay offers a bit more than the others. It’s the only bay that allows motorboats, so if you’re not a fan of kayaking this one is for you. It’s also the only one that permits swimming! They also offer glass-bottom boat rides.

It’s far away from the usual tourist spots, so spending the night in the area is probably a good idea. 

Check out a sunset and bio bay tour here.


Laguna Grande in Fajardo

Because it’s located in a more touristy spot, this bay gets a lot more visitors. And it’s actually not even a bay—a long, narrow canal leads to a lagoon. Some people I spoke to said that it’s not as bright as it used to be, and some tour guides have you put a drape over your head to really be able to see the bioluminescence. But I still heard a lot of great reviews about the experience!

There are many types of tours offered, and some even offer a combination bio bay tour with another activity in the area.

Check out a tour here.


Island excursion

Even though you’re already ON an island, you have to add visiting one of the smaller islands onto your Puerto Rico itinerary.

The beaches are absolutely breathtaking—one being one of the most beautiful in the world. There are many options that you can take, but here are four of the best.

Palomino Island

If you’re staying at the El Conquistador (which I did), you have easy access to their private island, Palomino Island. It’s a short boat ride over (they’re on the hour, every hour). The island is a continuation of the resort. Plenty of beach chairs, beach-side food/drink service, a dine-in restaurant and bar, a convenience store/rental shop, and activities.

Palomino is what you imagine when you think of a small, private island. Pure, white, soft sands. Crystal clear, turquoise waters. It’s picturesque. I absolutely loved my time there!

a puerto rico itinerary should include visiting a small island like palomino island


Culebra is a small island located off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. It has breathtakingly beautiful beaches— one of them being Flamenco Beach which is consistency ranked as one of the best beaches in the world! Many people just take day trips there to lounge on the beach, but visitors can hike, snorkel, and kayak too.

Tamarindo Beach is one of the best places to snorkel in all of Puerto Rico (or you can just kayak and check out the sea life from above.) 

You can take a ferry ride (roughly 45-60 minutes from Fajardo) or a short flight from Ceiba (like 15 minute) to Culebra.

There are also several excursions to the island. Here’s an awesome one to check out.



Another small island off the eastern coast of the mainland. More jaw dropping beaches like La Chiva or Blue Beach, which is ranked as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean—plus 40+ more to choose from.

There’s also a black sand beach, Playita Negra, surrounded by golden cliffs that makes for a dramatic, jaw dropping landscape. Animal lovers will love all the diverse wildlife, like wild horses roaming around freely and several species of endangered birds.

Check out this half day snorkeling tour to Vieques.


The big draw of Vieques though, is Mosquito Bay, a bioluminescent bay—and even though there are three to choose from just in Puerto Rico, this one is known as the best one. There are guided kayak tours offered at night to view the water light up.

Check out a highly rated tour here or check out different options of tours here.

Note: to do this tour you will have to stay in Vieques overnight as there are no more ferries or flights out that late.


Icacos Island

If you really want to get away, an excursion to the tiny, uninhabited Icacos is the way to go. Many people I spoke to that have taken excursions there have said it was the best part of their whole trip to Puerto Rico!

It’s literally a deserted island so it’s unspoiled, picture perfect, and an amazing snorkeling site. But it also means that there are no facilities there, so you’ll have to bring your own food and beach gear. 

You can only reach Icacos by boat and you can choose between a water taxi or a boat charter. If you do a boat charter, they’ll usually have food and drinks available.

Here’s a very highly rated snorkeling tour that you should check out.


Head West

The east side of the island gets all of the attention from tourists, but the west side definitely deserves to be on your Puerto Rico itinerary too. The west side is known for even better beaches, more laid-back vibes, and deeper local culture.

Here are a few hot spots to hit if you’re going to venture over for a day or two.



Aguadilla’s Crash Boat Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast and recommended by locals. The clear water is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. It also has a fun vibe with music, kiosks, and food stands.

You can also try Sandy Beach in Rincon. It’s also loved by locals because it’s walking distance from lots of hotels and dining options.



Gozalandia is a natural water park with a waterfall in San Sebastian. It’s easy to reach too! Just a short walk from a parking lot to the waterfall.

Or you can try Cascade La Planta in Arecibo. It used to be a dam. Some people attempt to jump into the waters (but I wouldn’t recommend that.)


Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo’s El Combate beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island. While you’re in the area, check out El Poblado de Boqueron, a spot filled with restaurants, bars and local stores.

There’s also a huge area of salt flats in Cabo Rojo called Las Salinas. Because of the salinity of the salt flats, the water is pink!


Bioluminescent Bay

Lastly, La Parguera bioluminescent bay is on this side! If you’re staying on the West side for the night, this is the perfect evening activity.

Check out a sunset and bio bay tour here.


Adventure Parks

Do you want to experience some thrill while on the island? Add one of these adventure parks to your Puerto Rico itinerary.


Carabali Rainforest Adventure Park

Located on the east side of the island in Luquillo, Carabali Rainforest Adventure Park is a 600-acre ranch in between El Yunque and the ocean. It’s a must-do for adventure lovers because it offers many thrilling activities.

Activities range from horseback riding and ATV rides through the foothills of El Yunque, to go-karts and ziplining through treetops. Most activities are only an hour or two so this is a great area to spend a couple of hours while you are adventuring through the east side of the island. There’s also an on-site restaurant here.

Check out all the information or book tickets here.


Toro Verde Adventure Park

Located in Orocovis, close to the middle of the island, this adventure park is a thrill seekers paradise in the middle of the mountains. (So, the views are amazing!)

There are a few options for different types of ziplines, but the most famous ones are the Monster zipline which is the longest in the country with a 2.5km cable, and ToroBikes which is the longest cable bike in the world. There are also dining options here.

Check out all the information or book tickets here.



Kids Activities in Puerto Rico

If you are venturing down to the island with kids, there are a couple of kids spot you want to add to your Puerto Rico itinerary. Whether you want a break from the beach, want to get some energy out, or are trying to find something to do while it rains, this is where to go.


Carolina Children’s Museum—Museo del Nino de Carolina

This museum is a hit with kids of all ages. And it’s packed with activities. It features over 100 different exhibits that focus on science, technology, art, and culture. A few favorites are a mini-supermarket, fire station, space shuttle, and hurricane simulator.

The fun continues outdoors where there’s a playground, go-kart track, a mini zoo, an actual real life American Airlines plane, and even a small ferry. Good luck trying to get your kid out of here!

Read more about it here.


Sector Sixty6

The Outlet on Route 66 is an outlet mall in Canovanas, next to Carolina. They have numerous shops, a food court, a movie theater, and a full entertainment center with five different activities.

Funbox: An indoor obstacle course that’s created for kids AND adults. Adults have 17 obstacles to choose from while kids have 8.

K1 Speed: Race go-karts on a 40,000 square foot track! The electric go-karts can go up to 45 mph, the fastest in the industry. 

Top Eliminator Dragster: Get a taste of drag racing, plus play NASCAR Simulator and video games.

There’s also a bowling alley and an arcade!


Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean with a warm and tropical climate all year long, so there isn’t a bad time to visit. However, there are better times than others.

For mild temperatures and low humidity, the best time to visit is in the winter and spring months, between December and April.

The temperatures are in the 70s and 80s with less rain than other months. But this is also the peak travel season so there are more crowds and higher prices.


May to November is considered the off-season. It’s the rainy season and there’s a much higher chance of a tropical storm or hurricane ruining your trip.

But the good news is that prices are lower at this time so you can score a great deal if the weather behaves.


While the island isn’t huge, there are many different areas that each have their own vibe and attractions. The type of trip you want and the amount of time you have will determine where you end up staying.

Note: For exploring beyond San Juan, you MUST rent a car.

These areas are the best to stay in for first-timers:


San Juan

San Juan is the capital city, and most popular area of the island. This area has historic and walkable Old San Juan, vibrant nightlife, museums, landmarks, and the most amazing food.

If you want to be in the middle of the action, or don’t have a lot of time to spend, stay here. 


The beachy areas of Condado and Isla Verde are also in this region.

Condado is family-friendly and has beachfront resorts with pools, lots of dining options, and plenty of entertainment for kids. Stay here if you want to be close to the city but still want family friendly accommodations.

Check out the highly recommended Caribe Hilton or the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino.


To the east of San Juan, Isla Verde is a popular tourist area. It’s quieter, in a more residential area with luxury resorts. This is where to go if you want to hit the beach but want close access to the city.

Check out the Royal Sonesta San Juan or the Fairmont El San Juan.

East Coast

This region includes the towns of Fajardo and Luquillo. It’s calmer than San Juan and has amazing resorts. It’s known for beautiful beaches, a bioluminescent bay, amazing seafood, and is near El Yunque National Forest. It’s also the closest area to the islands off PR.

If you want to be at a great resort and be central to everything on the east side, stay here. 

I stayed at the El Conquistador in Fajardo and I can’t recommend it enough! 

The Wyndham Grand Rio Mar is also very popular and highly recommended.

while in puerto rico, you should stay in a beautiful location like the el conquistador resort

West Coast

This region includes Rincon, Cabo Rojo, and Isabella. It’s a more local, relaxed vibe and known for amazing, natural beaches, surfing, and the best sunsets.

If you want to see the “true Puerto Rico” then you should stay here. 

Rincon specifically is highly rated among both locals and visitors for its warm culture, beaches, and amazing food. Check out Rincon of the Seas, a very popular recommendation.


North Coast

Known for fancy resorts, the north coast includes the towns of Dorado and Vega Baja.

If you want to be pampered, stay here. Check out Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton here.


Islands – Culebra or Vieques

These two small islands off the coast of Puerto Rico are known for their white sand beaches and relaxed atmosphere. They are both very popular 1 or 2-day excursions, but a some people choose to spend their whole trip there to really enjoy the peace and quiet.

Note: If you want to do a bio bay tour in Vieques, which is known to be the best, you must stay overnight at least one night. More about this later.


Puerto Rico has several airports and while SJU is the most well-known, depending on where you stay, you might want to fly somewhere else.


SJU—Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

In the capital, San Juan, this is the largest airport on the island. It serves domestic and international flights with 30 airlines and around 130 daily flights. You’ll most likely find the best times and prices to SJU.


BQN—Rafael Hernandez Airport

In Aguadilla, on the west coast, this airport serves mostly domestic flights but some international and about 36 daily flights. If you’re staying on the west side of the island, consider flying here.


PSE—Mercedita Airport

On the southern coast in Ponce, this airport serves mainly domestic flights, and has about 8 daily flights.


If you want to fly to the islands of Culebra or Vieques, they both have their own airports and you can fly to both from San Juan or La Cieba airport—LCE. Cieba airport is about 20 minutes away from Fajardo. The two airlines are Air Flamenco and Vieques Air Link.


Culebra’s aiport is CPX—Benjamin Rivera Noriega and has flights from San Juan but also charter flights from La Cieba airport.


Vieques’s airport is VQS—Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport (VQS) and flies to and from San Juan but also charter flights from Cieba.

airplane view flying into san juan, puerto rico


Walk + Ride Services

If you stay in San Juan, or you don’t want to leave your resort (which I do not recommend), you won’t need a car and can just walk. A lot of tours have shuttles that pick up at different hotels in San Juan as well. Uber and Lyft are both in San Juan.



If you want to really explore the island, you will NEED a car. There are multiple car rental agencies around the island. Some resorts have car rental agencies inside their lobbies.

Take a look at options here.



Is it worth going to Puerto Rico for 3 days?

I don’t think 3 days is worth it. There’s just so much to see that you’ll be missing out on. You’ll need a minimum of four days to really get a taste of the island.


What is hurricane season in Puerto Rico?

Hurricane season in Puerto Rico lasts from June 1 to November 30. September is the peak of the season.


Do I need a car in Puerto Rico?

You can get by without one if you stay in San Juan for your whole trip, but I strongly recommend getting a car and exploring the island! There is so much to see and do and you’ll miss out on it by not being mobile.




The only way I can end this is by saying, I hope that you go to Puerto Rico! I absolutely loved it there and I had tears in my eyes as I was flying back home. 

It’s an island full of activities, beauty, nature, and warmth that you need to see for yourself. But that being said, I strongly recommend going in with a game plan. Because there is SO much to do, you’ll want to really put the effort into finding the perfect spot to stay in and activities you want to enjoy. 

I hope that this my Puerto Rico itinerary gives you enough information to get your plan together!

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