Four Best Beach Wagons for Carrying Kids

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 Going to the beach with kids always involves bringing a lot of stuff. Between towels, snacks, drinks, beach chairs, beach toys, the kids themselves, it can be a lot. Instead of carrying it all while running behind the kids as they sprint towards the sand, a much easier option is to throw everything in a wagon. 

The tricky part is that not all wagons are meant for the beach. Most don’t have wheels that can actually get through soft sand. So instead of pulling a wagon full of kids and gear through sand like a sled, it’s best to get a wagon that is meant to work in sand. 

Important features of a beach wagon

These are the six features I think are musts when deciding on a beach wagon: 

Weight – you’re already putting so much in the wagon, you don’t want the wagon itself to be too heavy too – plus, you’ll need to lift it in your trunk. All my options are under 40 pounds.

Capacity – the pounds add up quickly when you throw your kids and all the beach gear into the wagon, so it’ll need to be able to carry a lot. All my options can carry at least 110 pounds. 

Can carry children – some wagon brands specifically state that children are not meant to ride in them. 

Wheels – the wheels need to be rubber (not plastic) and more importantly, all-terrain or beach tires, to get through sand easily. 

Maneuverability – the option to both push or pull and 360 degree wheels are musts for easily moving around. 

Foldable – folding is necessary to fit the wagon in car trunks and to store without taking up too much space. 

Cost – you get what you pay for… we want to make sure we’re getting a quality product but not breaking the bank while doing it. All of my options are below $500. 

The top contenders

All wagons below are under $500, are easy to pull through sand, can carry children, have a canopy, are foldable, and weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.

Radio Flyer Beach and Boardwalk Wagon

Price: $135

Weight: 32 pounds

Capacity: 150 pounds

Canopy: Yes, UV protection

Maneuverability: Push or pull

Fold: Yes

Tires: Beach tires 

Storage: Cup holders, rear storage bar

Rider belts: Yes

Car seat adaptors: No 

Extras: Bench seating mode 

Hauck Eco Wagon

Price: $273

Weight: 37 pounds

Capacity: 120 pounds

Canopy: Yes

Maneuverability: Push and pull  

Fold: Yes

Tires: Beach tires 

Storage: None

Rider belts: No

Car seat adaptors: No

Evenflo Pivot Xplor All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Price: $300

Weight: 35 pounds

Capacity: 110 pounds

Canopy: Yes, UPF sun-shielding

Maneuverability: Push or pull

Fold: Yes

Tires: All terrain tires 

Storage: Multiple storage pockets, cup holders

Rider belts: Yes

Car seat adaptors: Sold separately

Anthem 2-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller

Price: $499

Weight: 40 pounds

Capacity: 150 pounds

Canopy: Yes, with mesh inserts

Maneuverability: Push or pull

Fold: Yes

Tires: All terrain tires 

Storage: Interior mesh pockets, removable storage pocket, cup holders, snack trays

Rider belts: Yes

Car seat adaptors: Sold separately

Do you have a favorite that isn’t on my list? Tell me about it in the comments!


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