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The 23 BEST Things to Do in Maui with Kids in 2023 – A Complete Guide

Aug 10, 2023

Looking for a list of the best things to do in Maui with kids?

Look no more! I compiled a list of the top activities, plus all the tips you’ll need about the island.


Maui is a magical experience and there is something special for every type of person. 

I’ve visited twice, and both times were amazing, even though they were for completely different reasons.

The most recent time it was a big family trip—there was 10 of us! It was six adults and three children, and we had a blast. 

Maui is so kid-friendly—the accommodations are amazing, there are endless things to do with them, all of the activities are free for 3 and under, plus the locals are so sweet with kids.

So, if you’re looking to go to Maui with kids (which I think you should), keep on reading!


Looking for the best place to stay?

We stayed at Honua Kai on Kaanapali Beach and I cannot recommend it enough.

You can get 1-3 bedroom condos with a full kitchen, living room, and huge patio. There’s multiple pools, a coffee shop, and Duke’s is on-site. It’s perfect!

Book it here.


Let me start off with a tip: With kids, try not to overbook yourselves. You won’t be able to do it all. I know you don’t want to hear this, especially if this is your first trip with your kid.

But I’m going to say it again, please don’t overbook yourselves! 

You won’t be able to get to it all, you’ll be disappointed, and you need to RELAX a day or two. 

After that word of warning, here are some of my favorite activities:


1. Lounge at the beach:

Obviously, this is going to be my first suggestion! The beaches in Maui are amazing and there are so many of them.

Here are a few of the very best on the west and south sides:


West Maui

If you want to read over my list of the top 11 beaches in West Maui, check it out here.


Kapalua Bay and Napili Bay

Price: Free entry

Location: Kapalua

Hours: Sunrise to sunset

The best beaches for smaller kids in Maui are Kapalua Bay and Napili Bay in Kapalua.

Since they are on the bay, they are shielded from the winds, so the waves are calm. They are both crescent shaped with soft, white sand, and the water is warm and so crystal clear you can easily snorkel right off the shore.

They are adjacent from each other, and you can walk between them along a paved walkway.


  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Free parking; lot or street
  • Food nearby
  • Equipment rental nearby
napili beach


Kaanapali Beach

Price: Free entry

Location: Kaanapali

Hours: Sunrise to sunset


Resorts and hotels in the Kaanapali Beach area will have it right at their doorstep.

Beach access from hotels makes it easy to walk to (and helpful because the parking lots near the beach fill up quick.)

There’s an added bonus on Kaanapali Beach—if you’re staying near Black Rock at Kaanapali (closest is the Sheraton Maui hotel), you can snorkel right off the shore and jump off the cliff!

Tip: Because so many people snorkel in the waters near the Sheraton hotel, go on the other side of the Black Rock and you will experience REALLY amazing snorkeling. 

I saw every single color of fish when we did this—so worth it!



Hitting Kaanapali Beach is one of the best things to do in Maui with kids!


DT Fleming Beach

Price: Free

Location: Kapalua

Hours: Sunrise to sunset

    In Kapalua, DT Fleming Beach is secluded, and the beach is ruggedly beautiful.

    It has plenty of amenities plus there is also a restaurant at the neighboring Ritz you can walk to for a delicious, fresh lunch. 

    And if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a really interesting lava rock formation that you access via the Ritz.

    You have to walk through the golf course to get to it, but it’s a short and easy trip. Climb up the rocks and out to the point for views of the ocean. You can easily stay at this beach all day! 


    • Lifeguard
    • Picnic tables
    • Restrooms
    • Showers
    • Food nearby
    • Free parking

    South Maui Beaches

    Wailea Beach

    Price: Free

    Location: Wailea

    Hours: Sunrise to sunset

    Wailea Beach, the resort beach for the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons, has an added air of elegance as its often covered in cabanas.

    But don’t get too comfortable sitting because the soft, fine sand makes it great for sand activities, there are rocks that you can jump off of into the water, and the waves are perfect for boogie boarding.


    • Free parking
    • Showers
    • Restrooms
    • Picnic area
    • A park



    Mokapu and Ulua Beaches

    Price: Free

    Location: Wailea

    Hours: Sunrise to sunset

    Mokapu Beach has shallow reefs that are great for snorkeling. It connects to Ulua Beach, a well-known dive spot for beginners. Ulua Beach also gets the least wind of all Wailea beaches so it’s perfect for the little ones.

    Both beaches are comprised of two nice stretches of white sand separated by a bridge of rocks. You can walk between the two on a paved path.


    • Free parking
    • Restrooms
    • Showers
    • Dive racks 

    Makena Beach

    Price: Free

    Location: Wailea

    Hours: Sunrise to sunset

    Makena Beach (also called Big Beach) is huge— over a mile long and almost 100 feet wide. The waves are strong here, so if the surf is up, make sure only your experienced swimmers get in the water.

    Or If you’re there with little ones, just enjoy the sand activities. (Next door is Little Beach which is frequently used as a nudist beach.)


    • Free parking
    • Porta-potties

    Tips: Whichever beach you choose, just check the wave reports before you head out. And try to leave early because the parking lots and spaces to lay out fill up quick!

    2. Get on a boat:


    Since you’re on an island, getting on a boat is a must. Especially in Maui, the view from the water is gorgeous.

    There are numerous excursions you can take to get on the water:


    Whale Watching Cruise 

    Price: $39.95 for ages 13+, $29.95 for ages 6-12, free for under 6.

    Location: Lahaina

    Hours: three tour times, 7:30a, 10a, 4pm


    If you’re heading to Maui between November and May, a whale watching tour is a great idea! 

    You’ll cruise around for a couple of hours and catch glimpses of whales in their natural habitat while listening to the tour guide give you tons of cool facts. There are many types of cruises to take, from rafts to boats to catamarans.

    Check out this Whale Watching Tour Aboard the Quicksilver, the highest rated on Viator (and most reasonably priced)! We went on it and had a great time. 

    Book it here.


    Snorkel Tour

    Price: $199.95 for ages 13+ , 139.95 for ages 4-12, free for under 4.

    Location: Wailuku

    Hours: 7:30am – 1:30pm

    There are numerous snorkel tours around Maui, but the most famous spot to snorkel is the Molokini Crater. It’s an ancient volcanic caldera that rises out of the water! There are over 200 species of fish that can be seen and visibility can get up to 180 feet!  

    Spend a half day on the Molokini Snorkeling Adventure  and enjoy some serious snorkeling, a glass bottom viewing room, and breakfast and lunch. After snorkeling you head to shore for a relaxing swim with sea turtles!

    Hurry and book this tour before it sells out!



    Sunset Dinner Cruise

    Price: $139.95 for ages 13+, $99.95 for ages 7-12, free for under 6 (no meal provided)

    Location: Lahaina

    Hours: 5:30p – 7:30p

    Instead of eating at a restaurant, jazz it up one night and dine on the water! These cruises offer up a three-course meal, two alcoholic beverages, live music, amazing views of the ocean, all during the magical hours of sunset. 

    Check out this Sunset Dinner Cruise Aboard the Quicksilver!

      3. Road to Hana

      Price: If driving yourself, free. If taking a tour, ~$200.

      Location: Hana

      Hours: best to go early in the morning so you can make the trip before sunset


      Taking young kids on the Road to Hana is a debated topic, but we did it and I’m so glad we did.

      It’s about 60 miles of windy, tight roads with numerous stops to see waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, botanical gardens, look out points, and lots of yummy food. 

      Each view of the lush rainforest is better than the last.

      It’s a looonnng day so be warned, but if your kids sleep in their car seats and you make enough stops to get their legs moving a bit, it’s well worth it to see that breathtaking beauty. 

      It went well for us until about halfway on the ride back to our condo, and by that time even the adults were over it.

      If you’re adventurous and want to spend more time in Hana, check out the Hana-Maui hotel (it’s the only hotel there AND it has all-inclusive options). 

      And if you’d rather sit back and enjoy the ride, take the highest rated all-day Road to Hana tour!

      Book it here.

      Or you can peruse many other tour options here.  



      Road to Hana Path

      Check out all the Road to Hana sights here. 

      Start on the Hana Highway and make your first stop in the small town of Paia to get some breakfast and for an Instagram pic in front of the many surfboard fences.

      There’s a public bathroom (i.e. a bunch of port-a-potties) and a lookout point about a mile away as well. You’ll get an amazing view of a beautiful beach. 

      Once you get some food and a bathroom break, get ready for a long and windy road through tropical heaven on the Hana highway.

      You can check roadtohana.com to see all of the stops and which mile marker they are to plan your day. There are also many audio guides you can buy to lead you through. Check out the most highly rated one here. 

      You will probably lose service once you get far into the drive so don’t expect on having internet the whole time (this is why some type of travel guide is helpful).

      Road to Hana Tips

      There was on-and-off rain the day we went to Hana so there were muddy areas. You’ll need to get out and walk (or slightly climb) at the stops so wear something you’ll be able to walk around freely in. 

      Hiking shoes or sandals (or something like that) will work best. Wear something comfy and if you think you’ll want to jump into the water at one of the beaches, wear your swimsuit underneath.

      Stops are easy to miss, so have someone be on the lookout for the mile markers.

      We missed out on a couple and there just isn’t an easy way to go back. 

      Also, some stops just come out of nowhere and there will be nowhere to park—skip it.

      The road is very tight so there just isn’t anywhere to stop—you don’t want to block traffic or worse, create a dangerous situation.

      4. Visit Lahaina Town:

      Price: free entry

      Location: Lahaina

      Hours: most stores close around 8pm, most restaurants close at 10pm

      This is the downtown area on the west side, and it has everything you need. 

      Lots of shops, restaurants, dessert options, right on the water. The most famous shave ice on the island, Uluani’s is here and there is always a line.

      There’s also the most beautiful Banyan tree that you must see in person. The pic below doesn’t even do it any justice. The thing is huge, it goes on and on! 

      Tip: If you want to eat at any of the restaurants here, it’d be a good idea to call for reservations first! They get full fast, and you’ll have to wait a while for a table.

      Visiting Lahaina's Front Street is one of the best things to do in Maui with kids!

      5. Attend a luau

      Price: ~$125+ for adults and ~$65 for kids 6-12

      Location: All over the island

      Hours: dinner

      It’s Hawaii, a luau is THE thing to do, right? The delicious food, the fire shows and dancing, the history… it’s a perfect Hawaiian evening.

      But because we had two rambunctious 2-year-olds and an 8 month old with a 7:30pm bedtime, we just didn’t think it was the best idea. (We wouldn’t have made it halfway through with our monsters.) 

      If your kids are a bit older (or they’re young enough to fall asleep through the music), I definitely recommend attending one for the ultimate Hawaii experience.

      Book early because they fill up fast! Seriously, book right now…

      The two most well-known and highly rated luaus on the west and south sides are: 

      In Lahaina

      At the Sheraton: Maui Nui Luau

      On Front Street: Old Lahaina Luau (THE most famous on the island)


      In Wailea

      At The Wailea Beach Marriot: Te Au Moana Luau

      At The Andaz Maui:  Feast at Mokapu Luau


      6. Maui Ocean Center

      Price: $39.95 for adults;  $26.95 for kids 4-12.

      Location: Wailuku

      Hours: 9 – 5 daily


      Maui’s aquarium, voted one of the top 10 aquariums in the world, features all kinds of beautiful fish, corals, sea turtles, sharks, and fun experiences.

      For the kids, ask for the Keiki Petroglyph Passport, a fun activity that incorporate marine life and Hawaiian culture. Plus there are presentations and feedings throughout the day that they can join in on! 

      It’s 5 acres and in addition to the aquarium, there’s a restaurant, a café, and a gift shop too. Learn more or make your reservations here. 

      7. Tropical Express Tour

      Price: $25 for ages 13+; $12.50 for ages 3-12 years old; free for under 3.

      Location: Wailuku

      Hours: Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

      If you love botanical gardens, a great activity is to explore the amazing Maui Tropical Plantation. There’s an open-air tram that takes you on a 40-minute loop around the botanical garden and lagoon. You’ll see plenty of different fruit and plants, and it’s the only botanical garden in Maui with livestock. 

      Plus, there’s a kid-friendly zipline! Kids 5 and older can jump on fly over the gardens. There’s also a market, coffee shop, and restaurant on site. Read more and buy your tickets here.

      8. Atlantis Submarine Ride

      Price: $148 for ages 13+, $66 for ages 12 and under (must be 36” tall)

      Location: Lahaina

      Hours: Daily 8am— 5pm

      Height limit: Minimum 36 inches tall


      One of the most popular tourist attractions on the island—and for good reason! You can get into a submarine and go 100 feet below the sea.

      You’ll check out everything the ocean has to offer; coral reefs, all different types of fish, marine life, the sunken Carthaginian ship, and between November—April you could even spot whales!

      You’ll first get onto a shuttle boat to take you to the submarine. Once you’re on the submarine, the ride lasts about 45 minutes. The whole tour takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. Buy tickets here.

      9. Wildlife Discovery Center

      Price: Admission is by donation

      Location: Lahaina, in Whaler’s Village

      Hours: Daily, 9am – 3pm

      Learn all about Hawaii’s native marine life at the Wildlife Discovery Center. It has over 30 interactive exhibits about sea life, a floor to ceiling immersive video room, fun kids events, and showcases all the work done by the Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

      There’s also a Kid’s Zone art and play area! The visits take about 60 minutes so it’s a great activity to kill some time when you’re in Whaler’s Village. Learn more about it here.

      10. The Maui Butterfly Tour

      Price: $38 for ages 10+, $30 for ages 6 months – 10 years, free for under 6 months

      Location: Lahaina

      Hours: Daily, 9:30am – 1pm


      If you love butterflies, this is a great spot! You’ll be taken on a tour of a butterfly farm, be able to hold caterpillars and butterflies, feed the butterflies, and see the cocoons up close.  

      The staff gives you tips on how to get butterflies to land near you so that you can see them up close too. Plus, you’ll learn all kinds of cool facts about butterflies. Get your tickets here.

      11. Pineapple Farm Tour

      Price: $75 for ages 13+, $65 for ages 3-12; under 3 not allowed.

      Location: Hali’limaile (upcountry)

      Hours: 9:30am, 11:45am, 1:45pm

      Age limit: Children under 3 not allowed.

      Hawaii is known for growing delicious pineapples, and the Maui Gold Pineapple farm gives daily tours on their property. You can learn all about their growing and cultivation techniques and get to taste the yummy fruit.

      Even better, all visitors get a free pineapple after their tour. It’s already approved and package for airport transport too! Get your tickets here.

      12. Attend an event at Whalers Village

      Price: Varies

      Location: O’hana Courtyard at Whalers Village

      Hours: Varies

      Pop over to the courtyard at Whalers Village and attend one of the many weekly events they throw. There’s lei making, hula lessons, and even family movie nights!

      There are even more events, like ukulele lessons and coconut weaving, held at the Hawaii Wildlife Center too!  

      Check out the event schedule here.

      13. Family Photo Shoot

      Price: Varies

      Location: Anywhere on the island

      Hours: Varies

      The best souvenir you can get on vacation is a family photo shoot! Especially in somewhere like Hawaii. Where else in the world are you going to get those amazing views??

      You can either find a photographer and get a full session, with some outfit changes and multiple backdrops, or you can get a mini session with one outfit in one location. Either way, you’ll get an amazing keepsake.  

      To make finding a photographer easier, try sites like Flytographer or Local Lens. You put in your location and they will give you a list of photographers to choose from in that area. Or check to see if your hotel offers photo sessions!

      14. Playgrounds

      Price: Free

      Location: Around the island

      Hours: Sunrise – sunset

      If you want to get the kids energy out, take them to a playground in a park! There are plenty of great parks sprinkled throughout Maui.

      In Napili

      Napili Park: playground, grassy area, tennis courts, ball parks

      In Lahaina

      Lahaina Recreation Center: playground, grassy area, skate park, swimming pool and splash pad, ball parks

      In Kihei

      Kihei Regional Park: playground, grassy area, ball parks

      Kalama Playground: playground, grassy area

      15. Kids Clubs

      Price: Free

      Location: Certain hotels

      Hours: Varies

      Want to drop off the kids and enjoy a little bit of time alone? Many hotels on Maui have Kids Clubs that coordinate kid’s activities for hotel guests! Activities range from swimming to arts and crafts, and are all held at the hotel.

      Here are the hotels that offer Kids Clubs around the island. If you’re staying at any of the hotels below, contact them to learn more about what they do!

      West Side (Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua)

      South Side (Wailea) 



      16. Helicopter Tour

      Price: $392.67 for ages 2+

      Location: The whole island

      Hours: Options from 7am—4pm (call to confirm time after booking)

      Age limit: Under 2 years old must sit on parents lap

      Weight limit: 240lb per person


      Want to see everything that Maui has to offer from above?

      This helicopter tour takes you around the whole island so you can see it all, including all of the inaccessible spots you can only see from the air!

      The tour is 60 minutes (longer than the others, which are typically 45) and the pilot will tell you about everything you’re flying over. The trip includes flying over the Hana Rainforest, Haleakala Crater, West Maui mountains, and many waterfalls.  

      Helicopter tours are almost always the best part of people’s trips to Hawaii. It’s an experience that is on a level of its own!

      Book the complete island helicopter tour here!  

      17. Hike ‘Iao Needle

      Price: entrance fee is $5 for ages 4+, parking fee is $25 per vehicle (out of state residents need a reservation to enter)

      Location: Wailuku

      Hours:  Daily, 7am—6pm


      The ‘Iao Valley is known as one of Maui’s biggest treasures. It’s a beautiful and sacred lush stream-cut mountain valley. The good news is that it’s easily accessible!

      There are few trails, and most are short. There are paved walkways, steps, and lots of informative signage. Easy enough to do with small kids too!

      The main attraction is the ‘Iao Needle— a 1,200-foot-high vegetation covered needle-shaped peak. The hike up is a little more than half a mile long with an elevation of 200 feet. 

      There’s an observation deck at the top to enjoy the beautiful views. Read more about it here.

      18. Visit Haleakala Summit at sunrise or sunset 

      Price: entrance fees $30 per vehicle, Sunrise Tour is $234 for ages 12+ and $145 for ages 3-11.

      Location: Upcountry

      Hours: All day


      Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano AND the tallest peak on Maui—it’s 10,000 feet above sea level! If you want to literally be in the clouds, this is your spot.

      A popular activity is to visit the summit at sunrise for a bucket-list worthy experience. The best places to do this are the Red Hill Observatory (the highest elevation in the park and the Haleakala Visitor Center. 

      If you don’t want to get up early, you can visit during the day or at sunset and still experience the beauty. Easy hikes for amazing views are Sliding Sands Trail and Pa Ka’oao Trail.

      What you need to know:

      • A $1 park reservation is required for vehicles entering before sunrise (3:00—7:00am).Get them here.
      • Weather before dawn and dusk is frigid and wet, can get below freezing—dress accordingly.
      • There’s no food or gas for sale in the park so get prepared the night before
      • Drive time between the entrance gate and summit is 30 minutes

      Really want to do this but don’t want to deal with any of the details or the drive? Take a tour!

      This Haleakala Sunrise Tour includes roundtrip transportation from your hotel, park reservations, plus breakfast.

      Book the Haleaka Sunrise Tour here!


      19. The Adventure Park

      Price: $73 for ages 14+, $63 for ages 7-13.

      Location: Lahaina

      Hours: Daily, 9am – 3pm, Glow in the Park Saturdays 6pm – 10pm

      Age limit: 7+ years old

      If you love ziplines and ropes courses, this is your spot!

      There are both low-rope courses, high-rope courses, and family-friendly ziplines with 60 unique elements like bridges, ladders, and other unique crossings. 

      Plus, there are 6 different trails, perfect for different ages and fitness levels.

      Buy tickets here.

      20. Maui Golf and Sports Park

      Price: Varies per activity

      Location: Wailuku

      Hours: Daily, 10am – 6pm

      For some old-fashioned family fun, check out Maui Golf and Sports Park.  

      There are two 18-hole miniature golf courses, bumper boats in a natural lava lagoon, a 25-foot rock climbing wall, and a bungee trampoline.

      You can do as much or as little as you like, each activity is priced separately, or you can buy a package. Check out more here.

      21. Snorkel Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

      Price: $199.95 for ages 13+ , 139.95 for ages 4-12, free for under 4.

      Location: Wailuku

      Hours: 7:30am – 1:30pm

      Mentioned this one earlier, but it’s so good I’m mentioning it again!

      There are numerous snorkel tours around Maui, but the most famous spot to snorkel is the Molokini Crater. It’s an ancient volcanic caldera that rises out of the water! There are over 200 species of fish that can be seen and visibility can get up to 180 feet!   

      Spend a half day on the Molokini Snorkeling Adventure  and enjoy some serious snorkeling, a glass bottom viewing room, and breakfast and lunch. After snorkeling you head to shore for a relaxing swim with sea turtles!

      Hurry and book this tour before it sells out!

      22. Zipline Tour

      Price: $214 for ages 10+

      Location: Ka’anapali

      Hours: 8am and 12pm

      Age limit: 10 years old

      Want to fly over valleys and forests? Take a drive up the West Maui Mountains and soar through the air on 8 different ziplines!

      This zipline adventure is 3.5 hours and you’ll get views of Molokai, Lanai, and the West Maui coastline.  I went on this tour during my first trip to Maui and I loved it!

       While some of the zipline tours are on the north shore, this one is right in Ka’anapali which is very convenient if you’re staying in the area.

      Everyone meets at the office and then they’ll drive you up the mountains while giving you information about the island’s geology.

      Book the ziplining tour here!

      23. ATV Rides

      Price: $231 for ages 18+, $175 for ages 7-17

      Location: Lahaina

      Hours: 9:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm

      Age limit: 7 years old


      Take a ride on an off-road vehicle on a route that YOU choose!

      There are two itineraries available; coastal—the beachside East Side Trail or wetlands—

      the West Side Adventure that includes a ride through a Watershed Preserve. Both give you access to areas not accessible by standard cars.

      There are 4-seater vehicles available, which are perfect for families or a group! Everything is included, you just have to show up.  

      Book the ATV tour now!


      The major areas of the island are West Maui (Kaanapali and Lahaina) and South Maui (Kihei and Wailea).

      They each have all types of lodging—resorts, boutique hotels, cottages, Airbnbs, villas, or rental homes or condos.

      West or South Maui – What is the best area to stay in Maui?

      On the west side of Maui:

      Kaanapali and Lahaina will give you a more lively, walkable experience. 

      These areas are resort communities (they’re roughly 10 minutes away from each other) that have enough attractions that you won’t even need to leave the area.

      There are a lot more resorts in this area and Lahaina has an adorable downtown area full of shops and restaurants. 

      Suggestions on the best places to stay with kids:

      We stayed at Honua Kai on Kaanapali Beach and I cannot recommend it enough. You can get 1–3-bedroom condos with a full kitchen, living room, and huge patio.

      There are multiple pools, a coffee shop, it’s on the beach, and Duke’s is on-site. It’s perfect!

      Book the Honua Kai Resort


      Westin Maui is on the beach and has an amazing location right in the middle of everything. Multiple swimming pools and Westin Kid’s Club for kids 5-12.

      Stay in the Hokupa’a Tower for ocean views and the choice of standard rooms or 1-bedroom suites.

      Book the Westin Maui

      On the south side of Maui:

      Wailea lets you really unwind on an upscale, quiet beach retreat. 

      Wailea is a luxurious resort town that has a hefty price tag. But the laid-back feel, countless amenities, and beauty are worth it.

      There aren’t many activities around town, and all of the resorts have restaurants in them, so stay in this area for the ultimate relaxing vacation where you won’t have to move around much. 


      Suggestions on where to stay:

      The Grand Wailea is well known for being one of the BEST resorts in all of Maui. 9 pools, 3 restaurants, on one of the best beaches in Maui. Plus a variety of kid’s activities.

      The rooms range from standard rooms to 1-bedroom suites to 3-bedroom villas with full kitchens and separate living rooms. If it fits in your budget, book this right away!

      Book the Grand Wailea

      Kihei lets you experience Maui like a local with a lower price tag.

      Kihei is a relaxed local beach town that doesn’t have the big resorts the other towns do.

      It’s quieter and offers more accommodations for those on a budget (but still has some of the best beaches in Maui!) 

      This is somewhere you’d get a great deal on a condo, but don’t expect anything glamourous. 


      Suggestions on where to stay:

      Kamaole Sands: A vacation resort that offers 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condos set on 15 acres of gardens and waterfalls. Blocks away from the beach and many dining options. There are also two pools and tennis courts on site.

      Book Kamaole Sands



      Kihei Akahi. A condo complex that offers studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom condos. It’s right across the street from the beach and walking distance to many restaurants. There are two swimming pools and two tennis courts too.

      Book Kihei Akahi

      Tips on different types of accommodations

      When traveling with a family, I prefer spending a bit more and booking a condo, house, or hotel suite with a kitchen.

      It’s convenient to have a place to make your own food (especially breakfast) and also cuts costs. I had to bring bags of frozen breast milk to Maui so I needed a freezer and somewhere I could wash bottles—that wouldn’t have been possible at most hotels.

      Additionally, with younger kids, it’s nice to have a kid-friendly resort with a pool and beach access for the days you just want to relax resort or for the afternoons after naptime.

      Having a restaurant on site always helps as well, it’s easy to pick up food at the on-site restaurant and eat on the lanai.

      For older kids that can handle many excursions during the day and aren’t going to get cranky at dinner, a VRBO or AirBnb will work great since you won’t need the extra amenities.

      Or if you just need a place to sleep and are fine with snacks and drinks in your room and are eager to eat out for most meals, try a hotel away from the action for a lot less a night.

      So, where to stay in Maui really depends on your family needs and vacation expectations.



      Here are a few of my favorite spots to eat and others that my friends rave about:


      Lahaina Front Street

      Kimos: relaxed seafood spot with harbor views, with an amazing happy hour

      Down the Hatch casual seafood eatery with counter ordering

      Honu Oceanside: eclectic seafood and pizza options with ocean views



      Duke’s: known for delicious seafood in an open-air eatery in the Honua Kai resort

      Monkeypod Kitchen: Farm-to-table Hawaiian/American cuisine in Whaler’s Village

      Leilani’s on the Beach: Hawaiian regional cuisine with beautiful views overlooking the water



      The Gazebo: amazing breakfast and lunch spot overlooking the bay; small and always busy but worth the wait



      Mama’s Fish House: Hawaiian seafood cuisine. Probably the most famous restaurant in Maui. Book very early!


        Maui is great any time of the year. The weather is pleasant all year long with only a bit of difference between seasons.

        But the best times to visit are the shoulder seasons (the time before or after high season)—mid-April to June or September to mid-December.

        The summer and spring break times are still a great time to go, but just know that you’ll be paying a bit more and it’ll be crowded. 



        Think comfortable and casual. No matter which region of the island you stay in, get ready for warm days but cool mornings and evenings.

        • For the beach or pool, bring swimwear/rashguards, coverups or board shorts, and flip flops or swimming shoes.
        • For daytime activities or hanging around the resort, bring casual tops and light shorts, sundresses or rompers, and sandals. Don’t forget your favorite sun accessories like sunhats and sunglasses.
        • For morning activities or breakfast on the lanai, bring sweatshirts or sweaters.
        • For evening, bring pants and shirts, skirts, dresses, or jumpsuits with a light sweater or cardigan to layer on. Wear your more comfortable sandals, flats, or low heels if you plan to walk around.
        • If you decide to go upcountry to Haleakala Crater (it can get down to 40 degrees!), bring thick sweaters, jackets, thick pants, socks and closed toe shoes.

        Don’t fret if you forget something, Maui has amazing shopping for the whole fam so you’ll be able to find whatever you need there!

        On the west side, check out Whalers Village or Lahaina Town for shopping options. In the Wailea area, head over to Shops at Wailea


        Maui’s major airport is the Kahului Airport (OGG). Flights from the west coast are roughly 5.5 hours there, and 4.5 to 5 hours coming back.

        Read my 17 need to know tips for flying with a baby to get you through the long flight. 

        Hawaii in general is pretty expensive to fly into most of the time. Keep a look out on flight deals from the airlines.

        When booking, I always check Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak. You can choose to watch prices and receive email notifications on all of them too.

        And check Southwest Airline’s website for a comparison since they don’t show up on those sites.

        If possible, check nearby airports to fly out of for cheaper fares than your home airport.


        Walking / Shuttles

        If you’re planning on staying at the resort or rental area the whole time and want to book tours that are within walking distance (or have shuttle service), you won’t need a car.

        Options like Uber and Lyft are available for short trips as well.



        But if you want to explore the rest of the island (which I recommend!) you’ll need to rent a car. 

        Try rentalcars.com to look at prices from tons of different companies. And book ASAP. As soon as you book your tickets, book your car. Rental cars are always pricey in Hawaii.

        Try Turo (car sharing app) as a second choice.


        What part of Maui is best for kids?

        The three areas of Maui that are the best for kids are Kaanapali, Wailea, and Kihei.

        These spots are the most family-friendly, have the best beaches on the island, the best accommodations for groups, and are close to many of the best activities.


        Which island in Hawaii is the most kid friendly?

        Each of the islands is kid-friendly! They all offer amazing family-friendly activities, accommodations, and hospitality.

        Oahu is the bustling and vibrant, Maui is relaxed and modern, Kauai is old Hawaiian charm, and the Big Island is rugged and perfect for exploration.


        How many days to spend in Maui with kids?

        The number of days you want to spend in Maui depends on your interest, how much you want to see and do, and your budget.

        At the minimum I would recommend spending five days on the island to really see all the magic that is has to offer. Any more after that is a bonus!


        So there you have it, the complete guide to Maui with kids! I hope that you found this helpful while you’re planning your trip.

        Maui truly is a magical place and I know that you will love exploring everything it has to offer. No matter where you choose to stay and what activities you end up doing, you will never forget your time there! 


        Don’t forget:

        • Don’t overbook yourself! Try to take some time to relax and really enjoy this paradise.
        • Book all of your activities (especially luaus and Mama’s Fish House) as soon as you book your trip before they fill up.
        • Rent a car to really be able to explore what the island offers.


        Have fun in Hawaii! Aloha!

        need help booking your trip?
        use my favorite resources!


        Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites for the lowest prices plus the flexible calendar tells you which days are the cheapest to fly. 

        booking.com is easy to use and gives options for all types of lodging. When I know I want a big rental house, I use VRBO.  

        rentalcars.com scans multiple agencies at your destination to give you the best price.

        Get your Guide and Viator let you search for a specific activity, or scroll all available.

        Read over my full list of the best sites to book with on my Resources page.

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