The 14 Best Puerto Rico Excursions You Can’t Miss (2024)

On a search for the best Puerto Rico excursions? I compiled a list of 14 that you cannot miss, plus all the details you’ll need for each.

When I was planning my first trip to Puerto Rico, I quickly realized that the hardest part was deciding on what I would do. The island is jam packed with amazing activities and I wanted to do it all!

To top it off, there are many activities that you will not be able to find anywhere else – it has America’s only tropical rainforest, El Yunque. It has three of the five bioluminescent bays in the whole world. It has smaller islands, even a deserted island, that have some of the best beaches in the world.

So that you don’t have to spend hours researching, I’ve done all the work for you researching the excursions so you can see the best of the island.

Keep reading for 14 top (and highest rated!) excursions that will show you the best of Puerto Rico, plus all the details about each.

Key Takeaways

  • The most popular excursions are touring Old San Juan, hiking El Yunque Rainforest, visiting bioluminescent bays, and cruising to neighboring islands.
  • There are excursions in every price range, from $50 – 300 a person, and most allow small children.

Table of Contents

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Best Puerto Rico Excursions

Whatever type of trip you are planning, you’ll be able to find tours and excursions that will fit.

The list below is separated into types of activities—adventure, bioluminescent bays, islands, around San Juan, and full island tours. Each tour showcases a special part of Puerto Rico that you don’t want to miss.  

For Adventure

1. El Yunque Natural Waterslide and Rainforest Hike

Length: 4 hours
Price: $59/per person
Age limit: 5+


If you see ONE thing in Puerto Rico, it must be El Yunque. It’s the US’s only tropical rainforest, and it has waterfalls, natural pools, hiking trails, and unbelievable views.

Visiting El Yunque was my favorite part of my trip to Puerto Rico. This tour is half day and a mix of hiking the trails, climbing up rocks, sliding down natural water slides, cliff jumps, and jumping into a natural pool with a rope swing. Plus, transportation from San Juan is included! Seriously, if you do anything while you’re in Puerto Rico, go to El Yunque!

2. Arenales Caves, River and Waterfall Tour

Length: 8 – 9 hours
Price: $140/pp
Age limit: 5+

Take this small group tour exploring underground caves, trekking through a river, hiking to a hidden natural spring, jumping off cliffs, and enjoying some swimming. As you hike through the ethereal surroundings, the guide describes everything you see, plus gives you history and facts about the area.

All transportation from San Juan is included, so you just have to show up. This tour has rave reviews, the majority even saying this was the highlight of their whole trip to Puerto Rico!


3. ATV Single Adventure Hacienda Campo Rico

Length: 2 hours
Price: $136
Age limit: 16+

Hacienda (which means large estate) Campo Rico is a 2,000 acre tropical paradise, once an agricultural plantation. Nowadays, the area is used for all types of outdoor activities like ATVing and horseback riding.

In this ATV tour, you’ll drive through rugged terrain while enjoying views of mountains, lagoons, mangroves, and different types of wildlife (we’re talking emus, peacocks, tortoises, even alligators). You’ll go through muddy, bumpy paths and down hills. While you navigate through, you’ll get all the history about the area.  

After you’re done, you can head over to the hilltop Mojito Bar for refreshments. Sounds like a fun day to me! 


4. JungleQui Ziplining + Rappel at El Yunque

Length: 2 hours
Price: $185/adult, $175/child with pickup; $155/adult, $145/child without pickup
Age limit: 7+

If you want to add a little adventure to your visit to El Yunque Rainforest, then head to JungleQui Zipline Park. The park is a part of El Yunque and their zipline tours take you through the hiking trails of the rainforest. 

This tour gives you access to 11 different ziplines PLUS one rappelling route. This tour is perfect for first timers or beginners, so if you have children you don’t have to worry! 

Bioluminescent Bays

A bioluminescent bay is a body of water where microscopic organisms grow in large enough quantities to produce a bioluminescence or glow-in-the-dark effect. When the water is touched, these organisms shine in a bright neon blue color making it look like the water is being lit up!

There are only five of these natural wonders in the whole world—and THREE of them are in Puerto Rico. I have details on a tour in each one. 

5. Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Trip (Mosquito Bay)

Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price: $60/pp
Age limit: 5+

Mosquito Bay in Vieques is the brightest of the three BioBays— it even has the award for brightest bioluminescent bay in the world by Guinness World Records. This bay is only accessed by kayak, but on this tour they have clear or semi-clear bottoms.

Everything is included and the guide directs the small group through the Bay while giving everyone information on bioluminescence. Note that you’ll have to stay overnight in Vieques to see this one.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing the brightest Bio Bay in the world!

6. Sunset and BioBay Swim Experience (La Parguera)

Length: 2 hours
Price: $65/adult, $55/child
Age limit: 1+

La Parguera in Lajas is in the southwest corner of the island, and this bay offers a bit more than the others. It’s the only bay that allows motorboats (so if you’re not a fan of kayaking this one is for you), and it’s the only one that permits swimming! 

On this tour, you will cruise over to a sandbar at sunset to swim as the sun goes down. Once it gets dark, you’ll head over to the Biobay to swim and admire the glow-in-the-dark views! 

7. Bio Bay Kayak Tour (Laguna Grande)

Length: 2 hours
Price: $72.36/pp
Age limit: 6+

Laguna Grande in Fajardo is located in a more touristy spot, so it gets a lot more visitors. Of the three, this one is the most convenient and easy to get to. 

This tour offers a breathtaking kayak ride through the Red Mangrove Forest while you learn about the natural phenomenon and eocsystem from the guides. Once you get to the right spot, watch the glowing plankton light up as you paddle through the water! 

For the most convenient Biobay experience, book a tour in Fajardo! 

Island Excursions

8. Icacos Deserted Island Catamaran & Picnic Cruise

Length: 5 hours and 30 minutes
Price: $131.21/adult, $108.91/child
Age limit: 4+

If you really want to get away, an excursion to the tiny, uninhabited Icacos is the way to go. Icacos is literally a deserted island so it’s unspoiled, picture perfect, and an amazing snorkeling site. 

On this tour, you’ll hop on a catamaran and enjoy refreshments on the way to Icacos. Once you get there, you can snorkel, swim, lay on a float, play with beach toys, explore the island, or just relax. A midday lunch and drinks are provided on the boat too. 

Many people I spoke to said this was the best excursion of their trip to Puerto Rico! 

9. Snorkeling Tour to Vieques Island

Length: 4 hours
Price: $100.35/pp
Age limit: 6+

Vieques is a small island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. It’s home to over 40 jaw-dropping beaches and one of them, Blue Beach, is labeled as one of the best beaches in the whole Carribbean! 

This half-day tour takes you over to the pristine island on a boat so you can spend hours snorkeling, swimming, or just lounging in the clear waters. You’ll see fish, turtles, even stingrays. The staff jumps in with you to guide you to the best spots! All the gear is included, plus lunch and refreshments. 

10. All-Inclusive Culebra Snorkeling Trip

Length: 6 hours
Price: $133/adult, $117/child
Age limit: 5+

Another much smaller island off the eastern coast is Culebra. Home to gorgeous beaches, including Flamenco Beach, consistently ranked one of the best beaches in the world! The water is crystal clear and there are reefs perfect for snorkeling – sea turtles are commonly spotted!  

On this full-day tour, you’ll hop on a catamaran for a one hour ride to Culebra. You’ll go to two different snorkel spots, depending on what the captain deems as the best places for that day. Lunch and refreshments plus all the gear you’ll need are included! 

In San Juan

11. Flavors of San Juan Food Tour

Length: 3 hours
Price: $147/adult, $125/child
Age limit: N/A

Puerto Rico is known for it’s unique, delicious foods – it’s a part of their culture! This food tour gives you an introduction to the authentic dishes and flavors Old San Juan has to offer. 

You’ll walk through Old San Juan admiring the beautiful architecture and city charm while your tour guide gives you history of the area. As you stroll around town, you’ll stop at several local restaurants, each offering their distinctive dishes. You’ll also have a choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Prepare to be stuffed and mesmorised by the city after this tour!

Check your dates and book this 5-star Food Tour here!

12. San Juan Guided Snorkel Tour

Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price: $59
Age limit: 8+

If you don’t want to take a boat ride to another island for snorkeling, you’ll still be able to get amazing snorkeling in San Juan! This tour is at one of the best (if not THE best) beach in San Juan – El Escambron Beach. 

After meeting up at the beach, you’ll jump in the water and get swimming. The tour guide directs you to the perfect spot to start snorkeling. You’ll swim along all types of fish and even turtles. Best part is that a GoPro is included with the tour, so you’ll have videos of everything you see!

Around the Island

13. Perfect Puerto Rico Getaway with Snorkeling

Length: 8 hours
Price: $276/adult, $200/child
Age limit: N/A

If you want a tour that encompasses amazing, off-the-beaten path type parts of the island into one day, this is it. Sit back and relax while a guide takes you along the northern coast of Puerto Rico. 

Not only will you get to admire the views and learn all about the history, but you’ll actually experience the island. You’ll get the chance to cliff jump, snorkel, visit beaches, go cave exploring, and rope swing under waterfalls! If you want to explore the non-touristy places and not have to do any of the planning, this is it! 

14. West Side Experience

Length: 12 hours
Price: $202/adult, $190/child
Age limit: 4+

While San Juan and the east side get a lot of the attention of tourists, you’ll get a feel of authentic Puerto Rican culture on the west side. And if you want to explore it without having to figure out any logistics, try this full-day tour! 

 You’ll hit hot spots like Buye Beach (one of the best beaches on the island) and Cabo Rojo, check out the famous salt ponds, eat local delicacies, and learn all about the island from your tour guide. If you’re interested in the less touristy side of the island, this tour is for you!

Wrapping up: Excursions in Puerto Rico

See what I mean? There are just too many amazing activities to choose from!

Whichever excursion you decide on, I can assure you that you will have a great time. Puerto Rico is a true treasure, and however you spend your time on the island is a good idea. 

Whether you want to head to another island, visit one of the three BioBays in the world, hike El Yunque, or explore the whole island, you will see why it’s called La Isla Del Encanto. 


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