19 Best Beach Toys for Babies and Toddlers (2024)

Looking for the best beach toys for a family beach day? I have a list of 19 awesome choices for some fun in the sun!

Family beach day! What’s the first thing I’m packing? Beach toys! 

Yes, even before the towels and the beach shoes – the toys. (Not before the snacks though.)

After countless beach days with my boys, the number one way to determine how long and successful the beach day is, is by the toys. 

I mean, we’re literally sitting in a gigantic sand box. How can toys NOT be the most important factor to them?

And after all those beach days, and all types of toys, I’ve compiled a list of the best beach toys for babies and toddlers. 

They range from basic sand toys, to sand cookie sets, to water toys, and even beach games for the whole family. 

So, make your beach day long and fun by taking a look at my list below!

Key Takeaways

  • The best beach toys range from sand toys, water toys, and beach games. 
  • Basic beach toys like a shovel and bucket or a splash mat will work best for babies. 
  • Toddlers will enjoy beach toys that require creativity and movement like toy sets, trucks, and boogie boards. 
  • Group games like water balloons, toss and catch, and beach balls are fun for the whole family. 

Table of Contents

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Best Beach Toys for Babies and Toddlers

The beach toys are grouped by type – sand toys, water toys, and games. 

Sand Toys

1. Beach Basics Sand Toy Set

A basic sand set perfect for a new beach bum. A small bucket, shovel, rake, and sifter is the perfect combo to get babies introduced to playing with sand. Reviews also state that the tools are great quality.  

2. Mighty Sand Shovel

A big sturdy shovel great for big sand holes. I bought one of these at a beach resort (for probably triple the price) and my older son couldn’t get enough of it! 

3. Foldable Pail Bucket with Shovels

These are great for traveling! They collapse easily and come with a mesh bag. They’re great quality and come in cute colors! 

4. Ice Cream Sand Playset

My boys’ FAVE toy. I cannot tell you how many sand ice cream cones I have been served. They even use it at home! Great quality and all of the toys fit in the bucket so it’s easy to carry. This one will be a crowd pleaser!

5. 11 Piece Sand Toy Set with Mesh Tote

If you want a variety of items, this 11 piece set will be fun. It comes with a shovel, rake, sifter, watering can, truck, mesh sand molds, even a pinwheel! Comes with a mesh bag to carry everything too. 

6. 18 Piece Beach Toy Set for Toddlers

Great for multiple kids so they don’t fight over the shovels and rakes. Comes with a bucket and many sand molds, plus multiple rakes, shovels, and sifters! 

7. Sand Castle Building Kit

Who wants to build a castle?! This set includes a bucket, watering can, shovel, and plenty of castle molds for your perfect creation. It gives you everything you need for a fun activity!  

8. Beach Wavy-Wagon

This small beach set comes with a wagon for your little one to pull themself! It has all of the basic tools, including buckets, a shovel, rake, and cute molds. 

9. Kids Filter Sand Scooper

This sand scooper is perfect for collecting shells. It comes with it’s own mesh bag too! 

10. Big Scoop Sandbox Dump Truck

What little boy doesn’t love a big truck?? This one is sturdy as needed for rough play on the beach. It has different attachments too! 

11. Sand Cookie Baking Sheet

Like, come ON! How cute is this?? For all of the kid chefs out there, this is perfect. Comes with all of the baking accessories perfect for a cookie party on the beach. 

sand toy cookie sheet

Water Toys

12. Baby Splash Play Mat with Adjustable Canopy

Baby wants to get some water too! This little splash mat is perfect for the smallest beach bums in training. It has back support and a shade, and you can add some water in it for baby to splash around in. 

13. Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Shade Pool

One step up from the mat is this shade pool. For the more experienced little fishies, this one is perfect for them to be able to really be IN the water. It comes with a huge shade for sun protection. 

14. Inflatable Boogie Boards

For the toddlers that want some water action, these inflatable boogie boards are perfect. 

Beach Games

15. 42" Jumbo Beach Ball

A beach day isn’t complete without a beach ball! This jumbo ball is perfect for any type of game you want to play. 

16. Toss and Catch Ball Game

This toss and catch game is perfect for the bigger kids or for a family activity. 

17. Waterproof Playing Cards

Everyone pooped from the sun and water and need a fun game to play under the shade? Try these water proof cards!

18. Found It Beach Scavenger Hunt for Kids

How fun would this be for a family activity? Perfect for kids as little as 4 years old too! 

19. Reusable Water Balloons

The most annoying part of water balloons is the mess they make, but not with these reusable ones! Just snap them open, pour the water in, and use them over and over!

Wrapping Up: Baby and Toddler Beach Toys

There you have it. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these awesome beach toys. 

Remember, the more occupied the kids are, the better the beach day will be. So grab a few toys and have a blast! 

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