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Welcome to Beaches and Babies!

I’m so pumped that your’e here. I’m Besa, a 30-something mama of two boys living in Northern California.

People always told me when I had kids that’d be the end of my travels. But I’m proving them wrong with each trip.

And I created this blog to help other busy parents do the same.

I didn’t quit my job, sell my house, or blow my savings. I’m still a normal parent like you, with a full-time job and a couple crazy kids. If I can still travel, you can too!

Scroll down to learn more about me…


I’m a Jersey-born Texas girl living in California

My parents moved to America when my mama was 6 months pregnant with me (ahh! Can you image?!) – and I was born in New Jersey. Ayye, Paterson in the house! Then we soon moved out of the paradise of Paterson to Texas, where I spent most of my life.

In my mid-20s, I relocated to California to be closer to the beach. Then I eventually got married, popped out two kids, and I’ve been here ever since. 


My sons are Irish twins – and my facialist predicted it

When my new facialist asked me if I believe in psychics and premonitions, of course I said, “heck yes!” She went on to predict that my sons would be “Irish twins” – that I’d get pregnant with the second less than a year after giving birth – and even described their personalities and features.

And four years later, it happened just like that. She’s still my “psychic facialist”, by the way. (Hi, Elena!)


I watch football every Sunday

Growing up with my babysitter’s two sons turned me into quite the tomboy. Sports, video games, pro wrestling, boy clothes, the works. These days, it helps me fit in at my son’s activities.

I eventually became more of a lady, but still love to watch football (and even played Fantasy Football for a few years!) My team is (America’s team) the Dallas Cowboys. Go Cowboys!


I’m an obsessive researcher

It must be the Virgo in me (don’t you hate it when people blame annoying traits on their zodiac sign?), but when I want to learn about something, literally anything, I have to research every single aspect and detail. Like, I have to read the whole entire internet, until I know that I know everything about it.

What can I say, I just love knowing what to expect. And now I can share my research (and experience) with you!


I’ve been a marketer since 2006

Like many college freshmen, I had no idea what I wanted to major in (Law? Nursing? Air flight control? The list went on and on). But then one night it hit me, while I was yapping away to some regulars while working at my dad’s restaurant. Communications!

That ended up leading to a bunch of marketing internships, which led to a full-time job. And the rest is history.


mama’s got a dream

I started this blog to inspire others – but also to have something of my own. When you’re a mom, especially when you have babies and toddlers, it’s hard to find time for yourself.

This blog lets me have a dream and a goal, just for me. And I’m excited to see where things go!