15 Tips For How To Have A Fun Family Beach Day

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Heading to the beach with the crazies? I mean, kids? Let me help!

I’ve had many successful and unsuccessful beach days and have figured out what works. Read over my tips below to make sure you are prepared for a family beach day.

Skip mid-day

Try to beat the hottest part of the day (12-3pm) and go before or after lunch/naptime. The UV rays are the strongest and it won’t end well with fragile skin. There will be less people there too as an added plus.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

Keep those kids lathered up at all times! Give them their first coat before you even get to the beach. Use lotion, spray, stick, whatever you have. Set a timer to remember to lather them up again periodically.

Set up a functional spot

Get comfy! Grab a portable beach canopy for shade (or a tent for a bigger group or if you drove), lay sheets or blankets to sit on, and put the cooler under some shade. Bring an extra bucket as a hand washing station next to the cooler. Sit back and (try to) relax.

Drink lots of water

Bring lots (and lots) of water and juice. Freeze a few water bottles the night before and leave them in the car waiting for you after you’re done at the beach. It’ll feel amazing after a long, hot day!

Bring snacks

Kids work up an appetite after running around in the sun and sand all day. Bring different kinds of easy to eat snacks and pack them separately. Crackers and chips, sandwiches (in quarters or halves), fruits, veggies, and some popsicles will work.

Ditch the stroller

Sand is hard enough to walk in, let alone push a stroller in. If they can sit up on their own, use a wagon! Seriously a beach wagon is awesome. (If you’re flying somewhere, consider renting one!) It also is great for holding some of your beach gear. Plus, you don’t just have to use at the beach, you can use it to get around anywhere.

If you’re bringing a teeny tiny one, just pop them in the carrier! 

Find a beach with built in activities vs a secluded one

Areas with rentals, surf lessons, food options, or boat rides work great. It’ll extend the beach day and a restaurant across the street for a quick lunch might be a welcomed break from the heat and sand.

If you’re staying in a hotel on the beach, make sure that it’s family friendly when you’re booking.

Pack everything up the night before 

Preparation is the key to every successful activity with kids. You don’t want to be rushing around the morning of throwing things in the bag in a panic. You’ll most likely forget a couple of important items. Plus, it’ll start the day of in frenzy.

As soon as everyone wakes up, eat breakfast, throw your bathing suits on, load up on the sunscreen, and get to the beach.  

Dress the kids in bright or the same color 

If the kids run off or get close to the water, it’ll be easier to find them if they stand out. It’s also easier to spot multiple kids if they’re in the same color. 

Protect your phone with a ziplock bag 

Keep it away from the sand, sunblock, water, etc. and just throw a bag over it.

Use baby powder to get sand off

Cornstarch works too. Rub it on dry arms and legs and the sand just wipes right off. It’s magic! Plus it smells like new baby (and who doesn’t love that smell?!)

Bring a ball, any ball. 

Or a frisbee. It creates an activity that everyone plays together.

Forget the schedule

If you end up staying through naptime, don’t try to force the nap. If you get one, consider yourself lucky. If you don’t, they’ll most likely fall asleep as soon as they get in the car/stroller/wagon. Just go with it!

Bring only what you’ll actually need

Don’t overpack because you’ll need to pack it back up and lug it back. Read my beach day packing list here.

Bring extra clothes for the drive home

That wet swimsuit smell never gets out of the seats! Plus it’s just not comfortable (or hygienic). Get everyone in a fresh set of clothes before you get going.


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